Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rewind to Saturday

I met with several Ann Arbor Women Artists at one of the artists' homes in Ann Arbor. We made artist trading cards. I made two. One was a landscape of Lake Michigan, the other was a landscape with a floating apple in the sky. A couple of the other artists told me it reminded them of another artist's work--Renee Magritte. He painted things floating in air. And here I thought this was a new concept. Sigh! So much for being the first person to do this.

At home I looked Renee Magritte up on my computer and took a look at his work. Not much of it impressed me until I found the huge green apple in a room painting. I wanted to create something similar on the blank trading cards I'd brought home from the group.

I created a giant pear in a room and went on to create a giant lemon in a room. I was surprise and impressed with the results. The pear was very fluid-faintly colored. When I drew the lemon, I made a mistake and drew the connecting line into the body of the lemon. I scribbled circles inside the lemon to make it look like I'd meant to overextend the line, then covered it with pastels drawn in circles. The effect was quite nice.

I haven't photographed them yet, but hope to in the near future.

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