Saturday, March 3, 2012

More Art

A couple weeks ago, I created a couple of paintings I planned to enter in the pop up gallery "Red" benefiting The Jackson Michigan Area Red Cross. I created two new works "Celestial Lime" and "The Best Laid Plans" both are oil pastels. I wanted to show them in the juried shows "Red" and one in Northville with the Ann Arbor Women Artists--I don't remember the name of that one. I would need to take time off of work if accepted into one or both shows to deliver my artwork. So, I did not enter either show.

I emailed one of the Red Show coordinators, Maggie Riggle. I asked, if chosen, could I deliver my work early. She emailed me back and said she would be happy to help by allowing me to deliver my work to her studio at Art 634. She said she would take it to the gallery for me. The deadline for "Red" was Tuesday, Feb. 28. I photographed my work, but didn't download it onto my computer. Tuesday came and went. I wish I felt better so that I would have at least entered the "Red" show. Back in December I has a knee procedure done to clean up a torn meniscus in my right knee. I'm still dealing with pain because both knees have arthritis. The procedure helped, but I still have pain and when I do not feel well I don't move as much. So then, I didn't enter these shows or create art.

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