Saturday, March 24, 2012

Artist Portfolio

I'm getting desperate. For the past several weeks I cannot find my artist portfolio--the original one. Ann Arbor Book and Art Supplies went out of business yesterday. About two weeks ago I went to the store and picked up a bunch of art supplies including a new, larger portfolio because I haven't been able to find mine and because I needed a bigger one in which to store 26"x30" oil pastels that I don't want to frame and put on the wall right now. The larger portfolio was $19 dollars--a very good investment.

I've searched all my usual hiding places for the portfolio. I've checked behind things, in closed guest bedrooms and such, but still have not located that portfolio...there were several paintings I wanted to enter into Red, but since I could not find the portfolio, they were not entered. So much for living alone in a huge old house.

How in the world could my artist portfolio be missing this long??? Uh!!

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  1. oh man, that stinks Greta! Did that portfolio have a ton of your work in it? What a tradgedy. Hoestly, the loss of art gets to me just as much as the loss of life sometimes. I don't now if thats good or bad, but art has a life of its own that should be celebrated when created, and grieved when lost. I hope you still find it!