Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Other Places to Display Art

This afternoon I was reading on the Ann Arbor Women Artist' website about the various places members can show work. I think it was two years ago that I showed 4-5 pieces at The Women Center on Maple Road in Ann Arbor Michigan. I created the works I showed specifically for that venue. The works were to be happy, uplifting pieces. "Just Over That Hill", which can be seen if you scroll down on the right side of this blog and "When All Else Fails...Hope". Both pieces hang in my living room. The latter hangs over the TV and so is in constant view. I love these pieces. I entered them in the fall of 2009 in the Ann Arbor Women Artists Show at the Ann Arbor District Library. They did not make it into the show. The shock of this slowly wore off. I've been a member of the Ann Arbor Women Artists for the past four years. I haven't entered any shows since my pieces were rejected. I wonder how I'll do if the two I entered for the Northville Art House are rejected.

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