Monday, July 16, 2012

Rain Drop Photos

Such a simple thing--photos of rain drops, but how lovely.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Found Artist Portfolio

Maybe I should not admit this. I thought I dreamed it, but I didn't. It is real. Four months after writing the post about looking for my lost 3'x3.5' artist portfolio, I found it in the front closet. Guess I don't hang up my coat enough. I was tidying the dining room and wanted to hang up my winter coats. I opened the closet door and found the portfolio. I didn't pull it out. I was tidying during a commercial and wanted to get back to the TV quickly.

Taking a break at work, I remembered the what I thought I had dreamed. It wasn't a dream. At last, the lost portfolio has been found. Yeah!

It's been a while...

It's been a while since I posted here. There were three art shows I tried to get into this year and didn't make it. That's a creativity killer. I've been enjoying showing my work to myself by hanging it in the living room. I love my work whether or not I make it into shows or am selling anything. It is frustrating to not make it into shows, but more so to not be selling anything. Why create if nothing is going out the door and all I've made leans on the floor against the wall forgotten by me and unseen by others.

All is not sadness: This morning as I drove to work, I was caught in a down pour of rain. Instead of turning on my windshield wipers I watched the rain bead and squiggle toward the top of the windshield. I grabbed the little point and shoot camera in my purse and photographed my windshield up close.

At work, I reviewed the pictures and was very pleased by what I found there. Even if I'm not selling I'm quite thrilled to still be creating even if it only is in pictures. Please share your struggles with creativity. Thank you.