Thursday, March 8, 2012

Painting during break

I just completed a watercolor and pencil painting of a peach on land during my first break here at work. I enjoyed laying down layers of paint on the watercolor paper I brought from home. Two workers came by to say "hello". I showed them the painting in progress. One said, "That's a nice looking lemon". I fain cried. The other said "it's a ball floating in the ocean". No, no it isn't. It was supposed to be a peach--a giant peach in the forefront on a vibrant green landscape and a lovely blue sky.

When a peach looks like a ball, looks like a lemon and to its creator looks like an wonder I do abstract and prefer it to any other type of art.

Even so, as I look at this piece I am proud of the progress I am making. I'm trying to paint, I'm working to get better. I'm laying colors down on paper even if they are not perfect representations of the idea I had. I'm doing what most won't. I am creating and whether it is perfect or even good...I'm trying and that feels wonderful.

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