Monday, March 5, 2012


I know I said I was not going to, but I did. I downloaded two images and mailed a check for $10 to Ann Arbor Women Artists in hopes of being included in the Spring juried show at the Northville Art House in Northville Michigan.

Last night, as I sat watching TV a commercial came on. In the background was a wonderful minimalist abstract painting in faint blues. I don't remember what it was a commercial for but the thought came to me that I needed to show my work more. I looked up Ann Arbor Women Artists online to see when is the deadline for the Northville Art House show. It wasn't until later this month. Yeah! I got to work rephotographing my recent oil pastels "Celestial Lime" and " The Best Laid Plans". After downloading the files onto the Ann Arbor Women Artist's website, I felt a sense of relief. No, I didn't feel the best--over the weekend my sniffles turned into a full blown cold--but I want to show my work whether or not anyone buys it. I just want people to see what I've been doing holed up in my home over recent or not so recent weeks.

The other matter I had to decide as I prepared to submit my work to the show is how much to charge. The frames for these two pieces run around $50 each. I want to encourage buyers of my work. So "Celestial Lime" was priced at $125 and "The Best Laid Plans" was priced at $175 even though Northville Art House will take 35% of all sales. It didn't matter. I want to sell my work. If one or both sold for this I would not have any regrets. My work would be out in the world being enjoyed by another living soul. Isn't that what matters in art? Sharing your feelings through your work for others to enjoy and contemplate? Yes, I think so. Thank you for reading :)

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