Friday, August 5, 2011

Need to Photograph more Art

It has been a while since I've photographed my artwork and posted it anywhere. I closed my website earlier this year. It was more for vanity than for business and sales, so, to save money, I closed it. Eventually I may reopen it...or not. I hope that I can get followers of my art blog who will repost my blogs for others to read and follow. In this way, followers of my artwork will grow. I hope.

I have recently done about five pieces--oil pastels, which I need to photograph and post here. It is just a matter of doing it. That's the hold up...the doing it part.

Feel free to leave a comment and repost my blogs. I appreciate hearing from viewers. Thank you!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Art and Beyond Belief on Primetime TV

Lately I've been creating art while watching TV. The art I'm doing is done either using oil pastels, which is a standard favorite of mine, or I use pencil with which to draw.

Right now I'm watching a "Primetime" special called "Beyond Belief". A reporter, who died and came back to life, interviewed various people who died and came back to life also. Though their experiences were somewhat different, most of them included seeing a calming white light and meeting deceased loved ones on the other side.

I wonder what my experience will be. I like the idea of the calming white light, seeing loved ones who have gone ahead and such, but after that I want to explore this place and I hope there are mountains and lovely landscapes on which to explore.