Monday, April 5, 2010

Sweetwaters Show

So today I was notified that a spot is open for me at the Sweetwaters Cafe in downtown Ann Arbor Michigan to show some artwork from June 1-Aug 1. I'm excited to get to do a show, but wondering what in the world do I have to put up at it.

I didn't make it into the A2 Women Artists Spring Juried Show at the Ann Arbor District Library. I only entered two pieces into the show. I thought for certain one at least, if not both, would have made it in. I guess my "Ode to Mark Rothko" oil pastel paintings were a bust for the juror. I wonder if Mark Rothko himself would have gotten into that show...probably because he is Mark Rothko.

I'm learning and playing and creating and discovering more and more about this art process. No, my work is not popular, but I'm creating it for myself as a catalog of what I thought was important at the time. I'm trying to capture moments in time and put those down on paper so I remember what was important...views of Lake Michigan and the peace visiting that spot on the world gave me...the near collapse of Wall Street and the fear it invoked and the body--the celebration of the fat woman that I am and the embracing of it. I fear failure. (Is it okay to fear failure, but to try anyway and maybe not have my art liked because it's not from someone who is an "accomplished" artist or understood?) I feel so cold thinking about the failure of getting into that juried show.... I sent out a disc for the upcoming show at River Gallery in Chelsea...I hope I make it into that one. If not, I may question why I do art if I am not selling it. Is there really a reason to have so many canvas's lining the walls in my home if that is all they are doing?

My work is not that great, I admit. But it is mine and that must be worth something to someone. Yes it is. It is worth a lot to me.