Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hanging at Sweetwaters Cafe in Ann Arbor Michigan

On Monday, May 31, 2010,I will be hanging 7-10 pieces of artwork at Sweetwaters Cafe in Ann Arbor Michigan. I'm not feeling at all confident about my work or this show. I've really lost a lot of steam in the creative department probably because I had two major art blows this year. The first being not getting into the juried show at the Ann Arbor Library for a second time. The other--none of the three pieces I submitted for the "Water" show at River Gallery in Chelsea Michigan were accepted for their juried show. The first blow was bad enough, the second? Well, it was devastating. I haven't created anything fresh since Feb. And even that piece still hangs taped and unfinished on my dining room wall.

Did my muse run away or did I slam the door in it's face? What a terrible thing rejection is to the creative spirit. Feels like I'm back writing again and finding letters of rejection in the mail. The last letter of rejection was for my very first young adult fantasy novel. It came with a personal note as to why it was rejected. Even so, it was rejected--not good enough to be published. This is how my art feels right now--not good enough to sell.

I have no idea how to price my pieces either. Most are 22x28" oil pastels. I'm thinking of putting a price tag of $150 each on them...but will this be too little? There is one I love and do not wish to sell it, but it is an oil pastel and like some others...pricing must be consistent, so says me.

I'll figure it out before Monday.