Thursday, March 22, 2012

Northville Art House West of Middle 2012 Show

Today, I turned in 3 photographs for the Northville Art House West of Middle 2012 show. I decided to enter the show last night. The deadline for the show is Friday, March 23. I thought it was today. Even so, my entry is in.

So, I didn't make it into the Ann Arbor Women Artists show at Northville Art House which begins next week. The juror for that show is the same as for this show. Whoa! Anyway, I took a look at Northville Art House's facebook page to see the type of work they display. I tried to match my work with their style. I may not make it into this show, but at least I'm trying to get my work out there...again.


  1. Keep it up Greta! I usually get too lazy to enter much stuff during the year. I should od more. I did see your piece in the RED show last night and loved it! Simple, elegent, beautiful. Love how you label your pieces too, I think it becomes part of the artwork itself. :)

    1. Yeah!! My first comment :) Thanks Heidi. You keep it up too!! I posted a link yesterday afternoon. It is a national "Call for Artists" Check it out. I may choose to go the photography route as far as what I'll enter. Then again...