Friday, January 1, 2010

1 a.m. Tis the creativity bewitching hour

This morning around 12:35 a.m. I created a small, 12"x12" size oil pastel of a larger work I want to do. I wanted to see--actually see-- how the colors would blend together on paper. I only have one more piece of the stonehedge paper I like to use and don't want to blow it on something that may not turn out like the image I see in my mind. It's best to do something smaller and play with it.

Instead of calling the small painting something, I put "AP" for the name. "AP" means artist proof. Even though it isn't a print it was the only thing I could think of in terms of a name. My first thought was "test" but that really didn't convey what I wanted.

Even in the course of continuing to paint oil pastels, I'm learning new things. One technique I learned tonight is once the paper is wet with turpentine I don't need to keep wetting it to try to blend in the colors. I used my fingers and a rag to blend, both of which worked well.

I don't know when I'll actually work on the larger painting because I really didn't like the results of the smaller painting. I'll give the same painting a few more tries before I start something larger. I want to feel confident that what happens on the large paper is what I want the end result to be.

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