Sunday, December 27, 2009

3 oil pastels today

I've been feeling like my creativity has been on the fritz lately. I haven't felt like creating any art, but I wanted to have created. I don't know if that makes sense or not, but I hope it does. Usually I create art while standing, which can be quite a strain of late. So, I rolled the bedside table into the livingroom. The table serves as an oil pastel supply holder. Popping on the TV I flipped through a variety of brain numbing shows until I came to a show that had artwork in the background.

I liked the colors of one of the pieces, which gave me an idea for a work of my own. I sketched it out in pencil and then colored it in with oil pastels. This work in turn gave me yet another idea for something else and about a half hour later I had another work.

Finally, I had another work in mind and drew it out in oil pastels, thus creating three works in oil pastels.

One of the wonderful things about oil pastels is that they are very fast. I draw a lot of satisfaction by creating works fast and finishing fast. I love working with oil paints, but hate how long it takes for an oil painting to dry.

Last week I created a tiny--2"x2"--oil painting of a model green apple. I thought about giving this small painting to my sister, Thea, but after a week of sitting on the easel, it was still wet. I left my thumbprint on the edge when I picked it up to examine it. I guess now is the time to start those small oil paintings for 2010 Christmas gifts. I don't believe in speeding the drying of oils since I have no idea how reliable the results will be nor how archival.

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