Sunday, March 20, 2011

Motivators for Creating Art

Here in New Mexico on my brother's patio, I think about what has motivated me in the past to create art. One of the best motivators is pain--emotional, raw pain. Well, okay, pain and TV allow me to explore and release my inner self. Pain helps because painting then becomes a positive outlet for it--something I can productively translate into something better.

TV is a motivator too because sometimes I see shadows and forms, which catch my attention and usually go to the sketching pad or tape up some paper on the wall and create my interpretation of what I saw with new colors, added depth or shapes, etc. It is a very freeing experience to create art.

I think too of Georgia O'Keefe and all the motivators she had to continue and expand her art in this dry, seemingly barren place. Did she run from her flirtatious husband who loved young women more than her? She grew up, no longer the ripe young flesh that his lust desired. She was a cast away of his love. Yet, she did not wallow in pity, but made her break and set her mind to deeper things. (But why in the world did she come here? It is nice now, but it is so dry and so barren. Yes, the shapes and colors of the homes and landscapes are beautiful with subtle colors and depth, but I do not want to live here like her (and my brother--for now).)

(My hands are so dry. I need some lotion and to drink a lot more water.)
On my brother's wall above the entrance to the kitchen are two of my oil pastels--"Pomagrante" and "Apple #2" (or #3). Lower down beside the doorway hangs "The Three Sisters" landscape painting. He bought the two oil pastels from me and I threw in "The Three Sisters" because he liked it and I didn't. I'm very glad to know that I have a fan of my work from someone within the family.

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